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What is S.E.A?

S.E.A stands for School for Educational Alternatives. We have been in operation in Sapporo, Hokkaido for more than 30 years, making us one of the oldest English schools in northern Japan. S.E.A is a school first and foremost; however, we are also a liaison for the international academic and business community. S.E.A’s expertise is in the area of cross-cultural communication and we have, for many years, been actively involved in helping Japanese develop their understanding of international affairs. As an educational entity, we believe we are an “alternative” in several ways.

First, we provide people an alternative to the type of English education most Japanese have been accustomed to. We are not a conversational English school nor are we a cram school. We teach students, regardless of their English level, how to read, write, speak and listen at a level that will allow them success in their future academic and work fields. From junior-high school students aiming to enter high-schools in English-speaking countries, high-school students seeking entry into English-speaking domestic universities and overseas colleges/universities or professionals looking to enhance or change their careers, we help students get where they want to go.

Second, our classes are an alternative to the traditional teaching style in Japan. While many of our classes are intended for preparation for the TOEFL iBT and other standardized tests, we offer a comprehensive English education that bears little similarity to most students’ English study experience. Our long experience has shown us what works and what doesn’t work. What works is what is known as the P.B.L (Problem Based Learning) method. In brief, P.B.L is an instructional design in which

  • Learning is driven by challenging problems.
  • Students generally work in collaborative groups.
  • Teachers take on the role as "facilitators" of learning.

We know that all students learn at a different pace and have found the classic instruction of English in Japan simply does not prepare students for a Western-style education. Thus, we provide an alternative style of learning- a style that has been highly effective and beneficial for our students in their academic careers.

Third, we are an alternative to the types of educational businesses that exist in Japan. Our experience is long and profound. SEA has been teaching English and placing students abroad since 1977. Shigeru Yoshida, SEA Director, and Miki Fujioka, SEA Head Counselor, both have over 25 years worth of teaching experience. Our other instructors have been teaching in the EFL field from 10 -20 years. Over 3,000 students have studied at SEA since the school first opened in 1977. We work closely with high-school teachers and guidance counselors who trust our abilities and the beneficial nature of our academic programs. We also work closely with our younger students’ parents and have a PTA type of organization (SEA Parents Association) which is actively involved in our work. We have developed strong relationships with universities all over the world and often welcome representatives to our school to meet with our students. We are proud of what we do and the reputation that we have.